About Sachin Joseph

Sachin Joseph

My name is Sachin Joseph. I’m a passionate coder. Visual Studio is my second home. I am a Software Engineer with the Bing team at Microsoft. I’m a Microsoft Student Partner, too.

Besides my site, my web presence includes (but is not limited to) Facebook, Twitter, Stack Overflow, GitHub, LinkedIn, and Disqus.

I started writing code when I was just 8 years old - in QuickBASIC and Logo. In about two-three years, Visual Basic 6 became my favorite toy/tool. Since then, I have spent some quality time with C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, TypeScript, ASP, ASP.NET, C, C++, Java, Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic .NET, Entity Framework, Python, Git, PHP, Perl, SQL, XML, XAML, J#, F#, Lex, Yacc, Windows Command Prompt, Batch files, PowerShell, *nix terminal, Bash, C-Shell, Prolog,…. My current favorites are C#, C++, and TypeScript.

Software preview releases: I love playing with these. Currently I test Windows 10, Spartan, Visual Studio 2015 Preview, Office 2016 Technical Preview, Firefox Nightly, Chrome Canary, ….

I read a lot, mostly tech, and mostly from blogs. Scott Hanselman’s blog is one of my favorites.

Disclaimer: Opinions and views expressed here are my personal opinions and do not represent views of my employer in any way.

This site’s design is based on Pixyll theme by John Otander. I basically forked this beautiful theme from Github and made it ugly.